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Online Check-in for Hotel and Local Accommodation.
Check-in Online sef
Our system allows the hotelier to create his reservation and send a request for completion to his guests.
For those who have a computer dedicated to guests, it is possible to ask them to fill in the data on site, freeing the reception from this work.

What does online check-in consist of?

Instead of having to fill out the paper form manually when guests arrive at the front desk, guests can now fill out a digital form in the online check-in system.

This is a much simpler and faster process to be implemented with any hotel unit, as you will only have to
enter the number of hotel units you have and you are ready to use the system.
This online check-in system, in addition to saving you time at reception, can also save time in communicating data with the SEF, since the data is already in the system, our solution allows you to send the same data to the SEF.
In addition to increasing your hotel’s productivity, this solution also allows you to increase your guest’s satisfaction as you spend less time at reception filling in forms.

The choice of our online check-in system is suitable for both small and larger units and was developed based on your needs, this online check-in solution aims to optimize processes, speed up and improve services.

It can also be integrated with other solutions such as online invoicing and strategic and personalized marketing.

By having your guests register in the system, you will have a guest register, which translates into a great opportunity for your hotel. This registration can bring you several advantages, either in speeding up the check-in process of that guest who is frequent, or surprising with a discount, in guests who return several times.

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